Rabbi Motti & Mushkie Harlig

Rabbi Motti & Mushkie Harlig established YJP Las Vegas in December of 2016.  Their vision was to create a young Jewish adult family where everyone feels comfortable, accepted and part of a greater community.  Judaism is not just do’s and don’ts, but has more meaning and purpose to it and can be practiced in a real, fun and exciting way!

Rabbi Motti was actually born in Las Vegas and spent his childhood in the Desert Torah Academy Day-school through 8th grade.  For high school and Rabbinical College he relocated to Yeshivas in Chicago, IL & Miami, FL.  He commenced his Rabbinic studies and received his Rabbinic certification in New Haven, CT.

Mushkie was born in Pittsburgh, PA and went to school there through high-school.  She had the privilege to spend a year of Seminary in the holy land of Israel before returning back to the USA.

Rabbi Motti & Mushkie got married in June of 2015 and spent a year in Brooklyn, NY before permanently moving to Las Vegas. They have four Children BH, Rivkie (6), Mendel (5), Shula (3) & Ephraim.